On tilde.town, we measure time in Swatch Internet Time, or Beats. 1

Tilde Clock

Projects look so pretty until the business of using wires to connect everything up happens.

I’ve got a real time clock (which comes with 64k of EEPROM, bonus?) and I’m planning on using an NXP 74HC595 shift register to sink current from the common-anode 7-segment LED displays I’m using. Three pins on the ATmega328 will source current for the displays. Only one display will be on at a time.

If it doesn’t flicker too much, I’d like to just have one segment on at a time

  • each “frame” we’ll shift in a pattern that lights one segment, and then turn on current to that display, then everything goes off again and the process starts over.
  1. Yeah we don’t really adhere to this, but I have my IRC client set to beats and various bots will tell you the time in beats, so I’m rolling with it.