Not Safe From Wolves

Title Goes Here (Identity, Necroblogging, Share Cropping)

The Day of Dogecoin

FTP Accounts for Charitable Organisations

Sane At and Hash keys on Debian

I Love My Virtual Desktop

HMV Ireland Thoughts


Sadness Exchange

Standing Desk 2013

An introduction to Sealing Coffee

Python for Configuration Management (with Ansible) (My PYCON UK 2013 Talk)

Automatic Drivers for Fake Xbox 360 Wireless Receivers

Moar Aaron

Another Lindy-builder, and other things

Moving your Windows profile off of SSD in Windows8

Graphing Raspberry Pi internal temperature with collectd

LindyPi Build- Software

Shameful Self Promotion / Ruby Hate

Dusting off my CV

Real Time Monitoring at Scale (My FLOSS 2013 Talk)

LindyPi Build- Hardware

Hello (Blink) World


Sam the Koala

More collected reading

Sysadmins and Surgeons

When I woke up I felt fine

Feed Current Cost into collectd

Dell Inspiron Fan Speed Collectd Recipe

Busy on the Internets

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