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About This Thing

I’ve finally realised why my blog sucks so much:

I don’t have a blog, I have a web site

It’s been convenient to think that a collection of writing is a blog. The things that I write often have titles, they are published on a day and they contain bodies — seems like a blog, right?

But I’m not writing my daily thoughts, I’m not cataloguing my life. I do sometimes write up sloppy weekend project style pages with some personal flair and references to the day, like it’s a diary, but those things are actually only a small part of the value that my website generates.

The really useful content (ugh, “content”) on my site is ever-green: it’s posts about how to upload new firmwares to keyboards, technical background and HOWTO guides, even opinionated writing. Quite a bit of the information should be curated and updated, but its 2013-or-whatever timestamp is holding me back.

It feels like changing published content is almost a sin- that’s now how it was published. At the most an “updated” footnote or a link to a newer post that supercedes it.

The web isn’t print. I don’t put out magazine issues, so I can go back and change a page to reflect new information. Unless it’s historically useful, outdated information should go.

Ironically, do you know what really is like my blog? My tilde! And it’s just a handwrought pile of HTML tags, unlike the WordPress I use to fit my square shaped thoughts into the round blog-post holes.

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