I know that there’s really nothing worse than blog posts that promise that a real blog post will follow soon, but this is one of those.

I’m in the process of packing up to move across the Atlantic to Canada (Ottawa, ON), and a lot of my electronics projects require tools and parts that I’ve now mostly packed away. My relatively quiet period is because instead of writing about my projects, I’ve been trying to do as much as possible before it all got packed up (or given away, or sold).

I have done things, but now I have writer’s debt. Hopefully this will all work out because with my tools packed away, I can catch up on some of the writing and documenting of projects that I’ve let lapse.

To be documented:

  • Building a USB Blaster to ARM JTAG adaptor.
  • Using OpenOCD and gdb to interactively debug an STM32 microcontroller.
  • Using OpenOCD to upload FPGA images to an Altera board on Linux.
  • Creating a simple VHDL module (with address decoding) to extend Grant Searle’s Multicomp.
  • Installing Sensu and Uchiwa as an unprivileged user (without system packaging).
  • Developing kernel modules on Ubuntu.
  • Using the OV7670 and OV7648 OmniVision cameras.

So: lots. I can’t promise I’ll get to everything, but I’m going to try.