This is my first journal entry! I had to add support for a new type to my blog to create it, so, I’d better make good use it.

I’m attempting to create a GitHub streak and otherwise tap into a burst of creativity and ‘making’ that I’ve had lately. I’m going to try and contribute one thing to the commons every day, with no defined end date.

Today, I’ve created this pull request against Ansible to make templates work the same way when they are used as a lookup as when they are used as an action. It’s a small step, but it made me notice that my Ansible fork was 13000+ commits behind. There’s 18000~ commits in the project, so actually I got in right at the start with my earlier contributions.

It’s not just GitHub: I’ve had a run of projects these last few weeks and months: my Z80 computer, little microcontroller hacks, bits and pieces of Ruby and C, noodlings in JavaScript, 3D designs I’ve come up with. If I can publish one thing a day in an appropriate place, or on here, I’ll consider my streak to be on going.

Wish me luck.