Graph those Doge

Just a quick update on how Dogecoin continues to dominate my life.

I’ve gone a bit off track; it used to be about the lols, but now that it has a substantial value (I sold some for 240 Satoshis1!) I’m mining it with my co-workers so we can buy a video card for a gaming machine we’ve commandeered at work.

(The 20,000Ɖ I spent on this wonderful portrait was worth nearly £30 at one point)

Clarification: @insom bought me a lovely portrait using doge coins! Love it

— Helen (@Knittage) January 19, 2014

We were mining Litecoins, just before they dipped in price and the pool that we were using got hacked.

Coinwars showed that Doge was the most profitable so we switched to – … and then it then got hacked.

We switched to Lucky Miners and then it had an outage. Back to DogePool! DDoS against DogePool. Back to Lucky Miners! Estimated 1 Doge pay out after 24 hours of mining. Tried to cash out the 0.3 LTC we’d mined in the previous week: transactions were frozen for three days. Got the LTC into my Cryptsy account: LTC bottoms out. Convert the LTC to BTC: Bitcoin takes a dive as US arrests are made related to money laundering.

You can see how you might get despondent.

So: we’re running our own pool. Kind-of. I’m running a P2Pool instance locally and it uses some super-clever crypto to make sure that everyone gets paid fairly- you add blocks to the share-chain and then when blocks are solved you’re making yourself eligible for a pay out.

If you’re looking for a middle-of-the-UK P2Pool that’s not busy, you could do worse than [Ed: Defunct]

Exciting times ahead.