Call it shilling if you want, but I’m always proud when $WORK does something for the general good (which, in fairness it does quite a bit of, and then forgets to tell people, like helping to sponsor the Mad Natters and donating the proceeds of selling our redundant IT kit).

This time around, it’s very close to what I do: our file sharing service, iWeb Storage is giving away accounts to registered UK charities.

Thank You for Your Support

I’ve dealt with several charities over the years who use our service (and some really cool organisations who do pay for it), they’re among our happiest customers because a lot of them are neccessarily distributed and our whole service is designed around helping distributed groups collaborate.

Hopefully I’ll be able to follow this up with a great up-take rate, but it’s very early days now. If you’re reading this and you do charitable work, please please give the service a try or contact them.