Bas Mostert has been building his own low-power board into a Lindy enclosure! His is a 700Mhz Geode which, crucially, has two NICs and should be able to max out his home Internet connection (something that the Raspberry Pi can’t do, certainly not with a USB NIC in the mix).

Look at that power connector!

Like it was made for it

He also still has his door, so won’t need to fashion a front for it out of mesh. I’ve actually retired mine, which wasn’t an entirely popular decision, because I want to run Plex Media Server. This is closed source and currently only available for Intel-based platforms, so the Pi never even had a chance.

That said, I’m still saving power (kind of), because I’m using an HP MicroServer as the new under-the-stairs computer, which has a pretty low power Neo processor, and Plex is being frontend by a cheap and very low power Roku LT box. My previous DLNA client was an Xbox 360, which is a beast for electricity usage.

(You can tell I’m still convincing myself, right?)