c-hey and Twitter DM emails: separated at birth?

It’s nice to see people paying attention to the text version of their multipart/alternative emails. I’ve tried a great deal of IMAP clients, but I still keep coming back to PINE1, the first client I ever used.

Most text/plain parts of emails are:

  • Blank.

    Heads up: if you just send text/html, plain text clients can at least try and render something useful.

  • Very badly converted HTML-to-text versions of the HTML.

    Again, most plain text clients can do a better job.

  • Links to an HTML version of the email.

    That’s okay, I guess, but I’d rather have the content.

1 And now with Alpine, it’s available under a useful license. “;tfcron^Madxy” is short for deleting all emails from “Cron” and expunging the current folder. This is where the power is. Alpine is the vi of mail clients.