Helen has an Acer AL1916W monitor. It’s widescreen, it’s nice and it mostly gets used with my Xbox (for which it’s fine). However, it’s -always- been slightly blurry when used with her Mac mini. This is made even worse (for me, I don’t think that she notices) by the fact that the blurriness is not uniform — the middle of the screen appears way sharper than the edges, giving it a 1950’s CRT vibe.

The “Auto” button didn’t fix things— I’d see a few moments of clarity before it decided that blurry was, after all, what I had wanted. The plainer the screen was, the blurrier “auto” defaulted to. I decided to give the screen the most difficult thing to display I could, the moire pattern above.

Displaying it without adjustment caused it to visibly phase in and out, pretty in a way. Finally, pressing “auto” has left me with headache free text. I’m pretty sure H won’t notice.