It’s Saturday morning, and I finally finished my Instapaper eReader export from last week:

CMMI For Dummies

A really good introduction into what the Capability Maturity Model Integrated is all about, and how to take a company from level 1 (effectively chaos) to through the levels of documenting process, then following, measuring and finally improving.

Shareable Futures and The Jammie Dodgers and the Adventure of the Leicester Square Screening

The announcement of a new series of positive futurism; it’s a pleasant return to 1960’s science fiction where we thought that the future would actually be better than today, not some Orwellian nightmare (though, there’s a definite oppressive government force in Doctorow’s story). Once again, Cory Doctorow has his agenda and sticks to it, no real surprise, but it’s written into a short, simple and fun story.

To Die of Having Lived

An article in the American Scholar with advice from a surgeon on how people should approach their deaths and those of their loved ones; of how once you enter the modern save-life-at-all-costs-and-don’t-get-sued medical system it’s very hard for a patient or the family to get their wishes taken notice of. Very good.

Can you Disappear in Surveillance Britain?

A Times article outlining David Bond’s minor mental freak-out, attempts to disappear and avoid capture, and how he captured it all for the More4 documentary “Erasing David” (which I have on PVR, but have not watched yet).