Standing Jerker Desk (via zomBdog)

(This is someone else’s desk)

This picture was the start of a two day obsession that shows no sign of abating.

I’ve flirted with the idea of a standing desk for over a year. I’m frequently uncomfortable while I type and this combined with short sightedness, and a recommendation from my optician to wear my glasses less, means I end up hunching over the keyboard.

This particular desk isn’t made any more, and it’s been replaced with Fredrik – a narrower but still quite expensive option. I love the full adaptability of this, but it looks fugly.

Galant desks are cheaper and can go up to 1m tall, but I’m still not sure that’s tall enough.

Really though, I have a restored pine desk that, while hardly antique, is a nice piece and I’ve put a bit of effort into it already. I like a big work surface, so ideally I’d have something that can go on top, without taking over the whole desk.

Lindy, purveyors of things that make one thing able to plug into another thing, have just added a retort-stand style clamp system:

This looks good, but as all the parts are priced separately, and I’m not even completely confident that I want this, it seems spendy.

Standing Desk - Finished!

I saw this article on, where a guy uses Kee Klamp to make a standing desk. It looks a little flimsy, but it also looks cheap, and appeals to the physical hacker in me.

Of course, Kee Klamp is an American product, not exactly stocked by our local B&Q, but there’s places online that do it surprisingly cheap, around £4 per clamp (plus the not-exactly cheap tubing).

I’m still keeping an eye on these, if I’m still interested in a week or two’s time then I’ll build a parts list.