So; I’ve been dismantling the unused apparatus of Crestsource Limited, part of which has meant getting rid of our excess hardware. One of the machines that I got rid of was a very large, very loud Compaq ProLiant that just did some backups for our development machines in our office (which we don’t have anymore). (The office, that is).

Yes, you can see where this is going.

The space between dumping the old rsync backups and getting around to backing my stuff up to my LaCie USB drive was, of course, the perfect time to lose the disk with my home directory on.

Click, click, click. Tinkle. Spin down noise.

I’m working off a vimrc & zshrc from about a year ago, without all the neat-o bindings aliases and customisations I’ve accumulated, and I’ve lost the entire contents of my development directory.

My email is IMAP, thankfully: I would really be screwed if I lost 5 years of mail, my bookmarks are on, and my SSH key is on my thumb drive.

My uncommitted CVS, darcs and Subversion repositories are not so lucky, and to boot: I actually don’t have to time to re-create most of it- many of those patches go back to when I actually had free time. The new schedule (and baby on the way in 11 weeks!) mean they are most likely forever lost.

I’d be angry, but it would have to be with myself.