I’ve attempted to keep my personal site very separate from my work, for various reasons, not least of which being that it’s boring for people to read - but, I can’t think of very many ways of reaching ~1000 Python People (tm) in a day, so I’m going to do this anyway.

I am currently looking for contract/consultancy work in the UK. I’m passionate about Python, and I’m good at it too.

I’ve been using Linux & other Unices(sp) for about 8 years. I’ve been doing sys-admin for over 5 (commercially).

I’ve got all those generic web-skills, like HTML and CSS, a good understanding of HTTP and TCP/IP bit-moving and I’ve experience with many, many web frameworks, and many, many other languages, big and small.

I know Java/J2EE and have Jython experience. I’ve used most of the SQL databases available, but I don’t know any PL/SQL (how hard could it be? :)

I’m perfectly capable of working with minimum supervision, but I also work well in a team. I’ve delivered, in a team or by myself, tens of projects from disparate industries (eLearning/Finance, Tyre Management, Text Message Marketing, WAP Scratchcards, Travel, &c).

I’ve consulted on mergers, and turned around flagging projects with extensive code-review and reworking.

I can write worth a damn, despite my fondness for commas, and even did technical editing on the documentation for the Cisco-owned Corvil.

I’m available for an immediate start, based in Stafford, UK, and willing to commute/stay over. I’m negotiable on price, prefer to contract through my own limited company, am open to tele-commuting, and am willing to weigh interesting projects and good working environments against rates.

My CV is available here, drop me a mail if you would like to talk on the phone.