[2020 Note: The date’s approximate. It was 2004 and everyone was rewriting their blogging platform all the time.]

Have you even found blogging to be too much effort; to be as much work as, well, work is? Has the enormous gap in the archives, where you haven’t posted, irritated you every time you go to your own site?

I have. So, I removed my own DNS records.

I could hear the sombre voice of my website; singing Daisy to me, one final time. I was free, to read a book in the evening without guilt, not caring about the few hundred inbound broken links, the timing out RSS readers; the pressure to produce removed.

God, I missed my blog.

So, here I am again, new and improved, with a clean sheet, and no guarantees.

Bloggers seem to make nooses for their own necks- we thrive on permalinks, frequent updates and availability over RSS. But, as I commented on in a blog entry that you can’t read anymore, maintaining all of those links is a nightmare.

If you want to use new blog software, you have to make sure all of your old links still work. If you want to maintain readers, you need to post early, post often. If you want syndication, you have got to support RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom.

Actually, no, you don’t. I’m sorry, but my happiness is not dependant on angle brackets and Google juice. Bloggers, cast off your chains!

Throw a blog tantrum.