Aaron Brady Conjuring a Fireball (Polaroid)

Pictured: Me, channeling energy into a dangerous fireball with which to lay waste to my foes.

That said, as much as this ability would shift the balance of power in contract negotiations, I can’t actually do this, yet.

This effect was achieved through old-school camera trickery of the film variety. It’s customary for photographers to list their equipment with a photograph, and it usually consists of something impressive like “Canon EOS 300 with 50:1.8 Prime Lens on Fuji Velvia ASA100”.

Being that I cannot afford, and would not likely use, such expensive equipment, this is my list of items used:

  • One Polaroid One Fun Pack Camera
  • One sheet of Polaroid 600 film, reduced to half price because our local Dixons is closing
  • One strip of developed blank negative film, taped over the flash; unknown brand from cheap disposable camera
  • One roll of tin-foil, taped shiny-side-in to the sides and above the camera
  • Four pieces of card, cut from one business card with a typo on it, stuck to form a square around the lens around 1cm²
  • One roll of what everyone calls sellotape, but isn’t
  • One luminous yellow hilighter pen, used to colour in a piece of sellotape placed in the 1cm² square left over the lens

I would advise everyone to get a Polaroid camera. You can get an i-Zone one in Toys’R’Us for under £10. I got my Polaroid 1200 for £9, but the film cartridges are like hen’s teeth to find. Expect to pay around £1 per picture, making it a slightly expensive hobby.

It gives you instant gratification and, more importantly, it might save your soul from digital.